About Us

Anna Brady & Declan Keogh

We are a married couple with two children and are continuing in the English language teaching tradition established by Anna’s parents over 30 years ago. Our first Junior Summer Course was held in Mullingar in 2008 and we have hosted students every year since then.
We are both very much involved in the day-to-day operation of the course and have daily contact with all the students. This way, if there is any problem we are always available to help, day or night.

As parents, we understand the worries you have about sending your child or children abroad – especially it’s for the first time. Because of this we aim to create a warm and friendly atmosphere on our course and take care of our students like they were our own children!

To reassure you further, in addition to our dedicated teaching staff we have carefully selected group leaders who are bilingual and experienced with working with young people. Our leaders usually accompany students on the flight and are with them for the entire duration of their stay. Group leaders take part in all activities with our students, supervise them in the evenings and ensure good communication between us, the host families, the students and their parents.